The Effect of Saliva on Retention of Removable Dentures

Dr. Nadra Ahmed Ishaq

The research is about the effect of saliva on removable dentures which occurred in prosthodontics department in the faculty of dentistry of Aden in period between the 23rd of October 2009 and the 1st April 2013.
Our aim from this research is to assess the effect of saliva in the retention of the complete denture.
We noticed that: Thick type of saliva is absent, while medium viscosity had high rate with 77.0% in good oral hygiene. Those patients with high rate of denture retention have average amount of saliva secretion with 84.2%, while patients with excessive amount of saliva secretion had lowest ability to retention of denture with 2.6%. .Male patient have high rate of bad oral hygiene with 70.4% while female patient had high rate in good oral hygiene with 44.4%.High rate of retention denture was observed among Patients with increase salivary flow rate 80.5%, while whose had decrease salivary flow rate had no retention as 39.1%.
Patients of good prognosis had high rate of retention with 90.0%, while patients of doubtful had rate of 34.9% of retention of denture. 




saliva , denture retention , oral hygiene